Our Philosophy

We are a group of Spyder owners looking for like minded individuals to share and enjoy Spyder rides throughout many different areas.  Our goal is to ride the wind, have fun, meet many new individuals and share the love of open road adventures.  We look at ourselves as one big NISR (Nebraska Iowa Spyder Riders) family.


Our Story

It all started by fate as Chico and Karen visited a hotel lounge in Springfield, MO.  during Spyderfest, enjoying an evening cocktail.  We overheard conversation coming from another table in the lounge with 4 other people and someone mentioned Omaha, Nebraska.  That evening was the start of a friendship between Chico, Karen, Gary and Gina.  Shortly thereafter, they got together in Omaha and created Nebraska Iowa Spyder Riders or NISR back in March of 2015.  From a quirk of fate, among hundreds of people at a rally, we came across fellow Spyder riders that were from our neighborhood and NISR was born shortly thereafter.  A year later, Spydermania happened and now we've grown to Spyderfever.


Meet the Founders

Here are the founders of NISR and Spyderfever


Chico and Karen


Spyder owners since 2012

Chico retired in 2013 after 35 years in computers.

Karen retired November 2017 from teaching in a community college.


Gary and Gina


Gary is a hotel entrepreneur and has been riding Spyders for over 8 years.

Gina works with a local real-estate firm and enjoys being a passenger on the Spyder

Meet the Committee

Here are the NISR Committee Members


Chico and Karen


Gary and Gina

Suzi and Dave - Iowa

Suzi and Dave


Gordon and Karla

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